Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Saturday night...

...As I write this.
Dave and I received some messages today that concerned us as they were from people saying that they are just now getting information about this from their agencies. Please send this to your agency, just in case you have other WPs from your agency who haven't received it yet. I know it's hard to believe in this computer-age we're in, but some people don't visit the web. They prefer to only hear from their agency. So please send this to yours so that they can help spread the word!
We are really hopeful that we will have good news for you soon.
Also please keep working the JCICS plan:
We are so fortunate that JCICS is helping us, so please help them to help us.
Not sure what to do to help JCICS?
Check our post on who to email:

Well, as I said, it's Saturday night. What are you doing this weekend? Dave and I are going to meet with some other local WPs for brunch tomorrow (and some have their children now!), so we are very excited about that. We really couldn't have imagined how much it feels like "home" to meet up with other WPs when we began this journey. But then, we have over 13,000 signatures on the petition; time and time again we keep re-learning that the adoption community is a very supportive place. And I hope you all have found some support, family, friends, other WPs, to help keep your spirit fed and watered on this long journey to our children!

So, what's the buzz phrase for today?
6642, that is all we need from you!
Yup, why, once I thought we'd never hit 6 thousand with this little petition. Now we only need 6 thousand (and change) to hit our goal of 20,000!
So, I wish you goodnight, good weekend, and remember:
6642, that is all we need from you!
D & D too

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