Friday, September 18, 2009

CDC Revises Its TB Rules! THIS IS HUGE!!! Thank You Joint Council!

Joint Council is pleased to inform you that following a joint advocacy effort by many the CDC has chosen to revise its 2007 Tuberculosis Technical Instructions.
Please visit for the Addendum: Instructions for Applicants 10 Years of Age or Younger of the 2007 TB Technical Instructions. Note that those are only the revised instructions for applicants 10 years and younger so please refer to the full set of instructions at for more general information.
Joint Council would like to thank the many organizations and individuals who worked to ensure that the issues regarding the 2007 Tuberculosis Technical Instructions were resolved. Our appreciation and thanks includes but is certainly not limited to:
Dr. Jeffery Starke
The Worldwide Orphans Foundation led by Dr. Jane Aronson
Dr. Dana Johnson, University of Minnesota International Adoption Clinic
Members of U.S. Congress
National Council for Adoption
Center for Adoption Policy
The signers of Joint Council's Build Families, Not Barriers petition
U.S. Department of State
Department of Homeland Security
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
The Scruggs Family
The Grace Children’s Foundation

And we, adoptive parents, thank Joint Council for all their hard work!
They have been the answer for us, again!
Will you be the answer for them?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Webinars & Haitian Initiative

Check out Joint Council's new Webinars for October, and don't forget to see my previous blog post (below) about the Haitian Initiative! Those children need you to sign! Click here to sign.

Thursday, October 1
Fostering Attachment
presented by Lynn Wetterberg
Tuesday, October 6
When International Adoptions Mean Parenting Across Racial Lines
presented by Beth Hall
Tuesday, November 3
Parenting Adopted Adolescents
presented by Dr. Greg Keck
Thursday, November 5
Brothers and Sisters in Adoption
presented by Arleta James
Tuesday, December 1
Importance of Life Books and Talking with Adopted Children About Adoption
presented by Carrie Kitze
Thursday, December 3
Developing Cultural Competence in Adopted Children
presented by Patricia Irwin Johnston
(this session will be 90 minutes)

All webinars are from 7 pm - 8 pm EST and cost $10/family.
Register here.

Please Support the Haitian Initiative

Please sign the new Joint Council petition to ask the US Government to help the Government of France and UNICEF bring about needed reforms for the children of Haiti who are not able to be with their birth parents.