Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Letter Required for I600A Renewal

The USCIS offices across the country are gradually requiring their customers to add a new, extra letter to their I600A renewal packet. Some offices have required this now, and some have not yet, but I believe that little by little all the I600A renew-ers will have to do this.
We just did ours, and as per our USCIS officer's wording we attached a letter to our renewal packet that said:
We certify that we have not used this I600A to file an I600.
And we signed it.
I had heard that the Chicago office required this to be notarized, but our Los Angles office did not.
This new form is being asked for because, I believe, people used to be able to use their I600A more than once.
For example, my DH and I are approved for 2 children in our HS, just on the off-chance that China gives us twins. If we only get referred one child, we could have, in the past, turned around and signed up for a second adoption on that old I600A because we still had a second child approval on it.
You can no longer do that.
I think we have to be smart consumers and realize that the whole NBC I800A thing is so the local offices don't have to process us anymore; they don't want to. So, for them to continue doing the I600A grandfathering for us is a big deal, and a big victory for us. But, they are going to try to get rid of us ASAP I think, by looking for people who have let things expire, and by denying re-use of old I600As that have already been used for one adoption.
This new requirement to certify that you have not already used the I600A you are renewing is just another way to bump people over to the I800A form.
As long as you haven't used this current I600A for another adoption in the past, you should be fine. Just write the note and send it in. If you have used it for a previous adoption I suspect they are going to tell you to go to I800A. I do not recommend you try to sneak by (although I understand the inclination), i.e. do not say you haven't this I600A before to complete an adoption if you have actually used it, because you're betting they won't know; I think that might put you out of the game all together, meaning you won't get approved for anything. Be honest, and if you have already used this I600A once, you will probably have to go I800A. DH and I tried to pay for our fingerprints, but they checked their files, and we have had no free fingerprints so far, so they sent back our check, and this was the Los Angeles office, which I'm sure must be one of the more high-traffic offices. They may not respond to phone calls ASAP at your office, but they do keep excellent records.
For those out there still on a grandfathered I600A that they have not used previously, please be scrupulous not to let anything expire, just in case. I do not think the USCIS offices are going to be understanding about mistakes; they are simply going to send you to the I800A.
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