Friday, September 26, 2008

Fame Helps The Game

One thing we are trying to do by having this petition is to get noticed by our government officials.

To that end we have been reaching out to groups like National Public Radio and the American Civil Liberties Union.

We also live in a country where news of celebrity adoptions are news.
Is there anyone out there who knows someone who knows someone who knows a politician who has adopted, or a local newscaster who has adopted, or knows Meg Ryan or Angelina Jolie? (The adoption-world's connections are, after all, strong and far-reaching.) If we can get some media attention for our petition it will increase its impact, and increase our signatures by the thousands we need. If you know someone, can you put the six degrees of seperation rule into affect and reach out?

If you are out there and you have not yet signed the petition, would you please help us? If you know someone who has not yet signed, would you please ask them to do so?

Several people have written me wanting more information, and I am only too happy to tell you everything I know and everything I can about this situation. Please feel free to email me anytime:

The response so far in signatures on the petition from the posts on the adoption sites we have access to has been wonderful. As I write this it is day 3 of the petition and we are up, so quickly, to 1499! We should all be proud of that number and our outreach efforts.

I personally am very moved by the response, and very moved by the comments of need and support and fighting spirit some people have attached to their signatures. I am also moved each time I signatures from entire families who have come out to support the issue, and help their friends and loved ones bring their children home. And each signature that has been put on the list, whether you sign for yourself, or sign in support of others, each name on the roll helps us all, and is so valuable, and is a great gift. Keep the spirit going!

Thank you all so much for your help, and have a lovely weekend!

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